Top Ten Retail Articles Of The Week: More Big Data, Sobeys, Virtual Stores and More


Here is Watt’s weekly retail round up. Ten articles and bits of news from this week that are worth your time.

What Retail Is Learning From The NSA
The NSA surveillance scandal has been all over the news this week and retailers are listening – Forbes

How supermarkets get your data – and what they do with it
Supermarkets know a lot more about you than you would think- Guardian

Wal-Mart scoops up Inkiru to bolster its ‘big data’ capabilities online
Wal-Mart has bought this startup in an attempt to improve their customer experience by leveraging big data – Venture Beat

Sobeys parent Empire snaps up Safeway Canada for $5.8-billion
The grocery wars intensify in Canada- Financial Post

Lululemon Facing Downward as Troubles Mount on Day Exit
Lululemon CEO has left. Are they in trouble?- Bloomberg

Wal-Mart invades Toronto bus stops
Wal-Mart is launching 50 virtual stores inside Toronto bus shelters this week – Yahoo! Finance

SOHO gives glimpse into retail future
“These are the retail stores of the future: hyper-efficient, digitally enhanced showrooms that serve as physical storefronts for online retail operations.”- Mashable

Love It Or Leave It—Growing Power Of Customer Reviews
From Facebook, to Twitter, to Youtube, customer reviews are holding more value. – CNBC

The Future for CPGs: Intelligent Packaging
Popai breaks down the importance of innovating your packaging- Popai

AOL Enables Brands To Track Users’ Unconscious Emotions, In Real-Time
Will retailers start to implement these ‘neuromarketing’ applications in store? – MediaPost

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